Federal Tax Credit Studies

For more than 40 years, the federal government has offered U.S. businesses a tax incentive to encourage domestic creation of new or improved products and processes. With this, the credit provides a dollar-for-dollar reduction to tax liability, increasing cash flow and operating capital.

Unfortunately, because the rules and definitions governing the qualifying activities and costs for the credit are ambiguous and subjective, claiming the credit is often looked at as a risk rather than a reward.

At TCG, we focus in this highly complex area of tax law, helping qualifying taxpayers tax advantage of the federal R&D tax credit, mitigating the cost and risk of research and development.

State Tax Credit Studies

As of 2021, 30+ states in the U.S. offer their own R&D tax credits to encourage new job creation and business growth. Some of these state credits offer even higher incentives than the complimentary federal R&D tax credit.

At TCG, we help businesses take advantage of these state credits, mitigating the cost and risk of research and development.

R&D Tax Credit Controversy Support

Though the R&D tax credit guidelines are complex and full of ambiguity, the IRS has shown little sympathy for taxpayers who have failed to properly substantiate credit claims.

At TCG, we have the experience necessary to provide effective advocacy in all stages of the tax controversy process.

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General Tax Controversy Support

Whether its examination, appeals, collection or litigation, at TCG, we provide our clients with effective advocacy in all stages of the tax controversy process:

Pre-Filing Issue Research & Documentation
We’ll help you research tax law and document potential issues, so you can provide support and substantiation for your positions before an IRS challenge, not after.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
We provide representation in early-referral, fast-track settlement, fast-track mediation, post-appeals mediation and arbitration.

Examination Consulting & Representation
We have successfully represented dozens of clients at the examination level, in large part by developing a relationship with our IRS team based on trust, integrity, and civility.

Pre-Filing Program Assistance
We’ll help you avoid disputes by using the IRS’s various pre-filing programs.

We have significant experience representing clients in the collection phase of the controversy process, including Collection Due Process, Collection Appeals Program, Offers In Compromise, Federal Tax Liens and Federal Tax Levies.

Appeals Representation
Whether it’s drafting a powerful and persuasive appeals protest letter, strategically presenting the facts and law of the issue in the appeals conference, or negotiating a settlement based upon the “hazards of litigation,” TCG has secured favorable settlements at the appeals and examination level for dozens of clients.

Tax Court Litigation
Our attorneys have handled docketed federal tax cases, secured favorable settlements before trial, and won cases at trial that included attorney fees against the IRS.

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