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R&D for Businesses

Whether you’re a manufacturer, high-tech software firm or financial institution, your work could be eligible for federal and state R&D Tax credits. At TCG, we know the activities that qualify for the R&D credit. We’ll help you gather the required documentation without overly burdening your busy employees; and if your tax claim comes under IRS scrutiny – we’ll be there to help you navigate the process.


Heavy manufacturing, electronics, chemicals, food production and more.

Are you designing, developing and testing new or improved products? Are you improving your production methods to make them faster and less expensive?  If so, you are doing R&D.


Banking, insurance, wealth management, etc.

Whether you are using in-house staff or outside contractors, projects to improve your software systems and increase the efficiency of your business operations are often eligible for the R&D tax credit.


Software design, application development and everything in between.

Are you developing new or improved technologies, architectures, algorithms or database management techniques? What about software specifications or programming source code? That’s R&D.


0 Billion+
Tax credits claimed to support businesses R&D efforts.
0 Thousand+
U.S. corporations claimed the R&D tax credit in 2012.
0 Billion+
In unclaimed R&D credits, based on recently published data.


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ERC for Businesses

If your business was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic, yet you retained employees, you may be eligible for the Employee Retention Credit.

Whether your business is in the tourism and hospitality industry, restaurant or retail sector, or operate as a general service practice, there are few restrictions on the types of businesses eligible to claim the ERC, including Non-Profits.  At TCG, we understand the eligibility requirements and limitations for claiming the ERC credit and will help you maximize your refund claims of up to $26,000 per eligible employee.

Tourism, Hospitality & Events

Hotels, Sports arenas, Performing Arts Centers, Movie Theaters, Amusement Parks, and Casinos.

If your business operations were partially suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, you may be eligible for the ERC.

Restaurants & Retail

Clothing Retailers, Home Furnishing Stores, High-End Eateries, Buffets, Cafes and Bars.

If government-related Pandemic orders impacted your business operations, you may be eligible for the ERC.


Construction, Dentists, Law Firms, Daycares, Laundromats, and Transportation.

If your business suffered a significant decline in gross receipts due to the Pandemic, or was fully or partially shutdown due to a government order, you may be eligible for the ERC.


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TCG for CPAs


Did you know that the research tax credit is one of the most complicated sections of the entire tax code? In fact, the IRS declared it the most commonly reported “uncertain tax position” in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The R&D credit can be a valuable addition to any tax professional’s service line, but keeping up with everchanging rules, gathering the necessary documentation from clients and dealing with time-consuming controversy work often diminishes that value for busy CPAs.

At TCG, we do the heavy lifting, allowing our CPA partners to offer a full suite of Federal and State R&D tax credit services without spending valuable time and resources dealing with all the red tape.


With so many recent legislative and regulatory changes, CPAs are inundated with ever-changing tax laws. Understanding the intricacies of the Employee Retention Credit is no exception.  Gathering the necessary paper-work, analyzing the data and the intersect of other impacts such as Payroll Protection Loans or other incentives and credits such as WOTC, R&D, SVOGs can be a time consuming process that many CPA firms simply can’t absorb.

By partnering with TCG, our CPA partners can rest assured that their clients will receive the maximum ERC benefit allowable, while ensuring the credit is supportable. That’s peace of mind.

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What our clients are saying…

Having worked with Mike on five separate Research Tax Credit Studies (covering seven tax periods), I can truly attest to his professionalism and high level of customer service. Mike’s hands-on approach in working with our software developers, company management, and our tax return preparers has resulted in an efficient and seamless process.

Bart Ronan, Jenzabar, Inc.

Mike’s extensive knowledge of the research credit and its application to software developers was evident as he was able to quickly create a study workplan that resulted in an accurately and efficiently documented credit. His professionalism and ability to communicate with all levels of management and developers throughout the study exceeded expectations.

Dennis Joherl, TMW Systems

TCG has been able to bring valuable service offerings to my clients at a fraction of the price of other service providers. Working with Mike and his team just makes sense.

Ken Landini, Landini Reed & Dawson P.C.